How Do I Know What I Know?

Item description: 

This self-assessment uses a tightly focused question set to determine a student’s level of understanding about key ideas or concepts. Data generated by this activity can be used to identify areas where additional review of content is necessary.


  • What kind of idea is it?
  • What are some examples?
  • What are some similar ideas?
  • What are some different ideas?
  • What are its important characteristics?
  • What is a good definition or description?



  1. The format includes generic questions. It may need to be modified to fit your specific goals. The questions and student instructions are provided in the downloadable document.
  2. Distribute a copy to each of your students.
  3. Explain the directions and expectations of the assignment.
  4. Discuss or collect the student worksheets, evaluate their responses, and use this information to make future decisions about teaching this concept.

Preparation time: 45 / Delivery time: 40

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