Is That a Fact?

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Is That a Fact is a graphic organizer that prompts students to investigate the difference between a factual statement and an opinion-based statement.

Using a passage of text, or perhaps a video or audio clip, students write a series of statements that are either facts or opinions. Their peers then choose whether they think they are facts or opinions and differences are discussed. Last, students rewrite facts into opinions and opinions into facts.



  1. Choose a passage of text from a magazine article, online blog, biography, that has a mixture of facts and opinions scattered throughout. Or use an audio or video clip with a variety of facts and opinions.
  2. Download the Is That a Fact Worksheet. Make and distribute enough copies for each of your students.
  3. Explain the directions and expectations of the activity.
  4. Students write at least three facts and three opinions they read or heard in the blanks provided. Paraphrases are acceptable.
  5. Students swap papers, reading each others' statements and circling Fact or Opinion.
  6. Students return papers and discuss any differences in interpretations.
  7. Students complete the worksheet by rewriting facts into opinions and vice-versa.


Classroom Management

Address common student misconceptions and use these responses to inform your future instruction.

Preparation time: 40 / Delivery time: 30

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