Thinking Diagram

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The Compare & Contrast Thinking Diagram is a graphic organizer that prompts students to synthesize and evaluate the similarities between two objects, events, people, concepts, etc.



  1. Complete the template by deciding on and entering in the two contrasting topics.
  2. Make and distribute enough copies for each of the students.
  3. Introduce students to items they will be comparing and contrasting.
  4. Ask students what they think is similar and have them place it in the alike box. Have students do the same thing with the differences.Note that differences should be separated by characteristics.
  5. Review with students the information they have collected and discuss why these differences are important.


Preparation time: 20 / Delivery time: 30

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Adapted from: Parks, S. & Black, H. (1992) "Organizing Thinking Book I, Pacific Grove, Calif.: Critical Thinking Press and Software. Reproduced by permission."