Venn Diagram

Item description: 

The Venn Diagram is a graphic organizer that facilitates comparisons/contrasts and shared similarities between two topics.


  1. Complete the template by deciding on and entering a Title, Contrast 1 and Contrast 2 topics.
  2. Make and distribute enough copies of the graphic organizer for each student.
  3. Explain the directions and expectations of the activity.
  4. During or after a reading/lesson, students identify difference between the two topics and enter this information in their respective circles. Similarities are placed in the shared space.
  5. After students have completed their comparisons, they summarize their findings in the specified space.
  6. The Venn Diagram can be collected for a more formal assessment or the class can discuss, compare, and synthesize their findings together.

Preparation time: 10 / Delivery time: 25

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