Changes in the Wind

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In Changes in the Wind, students explore the impact of reading, listening, viewing, etc. on changing their views, opinions or attitudes on a particular topic or issue. Possible causes of changed viewpoints are self-assessed.


  1. Download the template and fill in the blanks for the activity you just conducted. Each question stem will take the form, "After {watching this video, completing this project, interviewing my grandparent, reading this chapter} my views {opinions, attitudes, beliefs} about {other cultures, racism, war survivors, the sixties, Steve Jobs, etc.}...
  2. Students will check the box for CHANGED or STAYED THE SAME for each question.
  3. Under A, B, C, students reflect on their changed attitudes (or lack of change). Under A, they should EXPLAIN the biggest change for them. Under B, they should REASON as to why the change occurred. Under C, they should LOOK AHEAD, at what additional evidence or information would be needed to change their mind on one of the topics for which there was no change.


For this activity, you may choose to grade it based on completeness (filling in all the blanks) plus the quality or thoughtfulness of the response.

Preparation time: 20 / Delivery time: 30

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