Karla Fultz

Lotts Elementary School; Knox County
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Animal Matching Game  KindergartenScience1
Bubbling Plants  Grades 5 - 8Science1
Build a Dinosaur  KindergartenScience1
Cells Alive- How Big Interactive  Grades 2 - 5Multiple1
Classy Invertebrates  Grade 5Science1
Classy Vertebrates  Grades 5 - 6Science1
Earthquake Formation  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Earthquakes Rock  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Elementary Ecosystems  Grade 4Science1
Endangered Species  Grade 4Science1
Fantastic Fossils (Fossil Fondue)  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Find My Legs  KindergartenScience1
Gravity and Inertia  Grade 5Science1
Gravity Launch  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Harcourt Cell Inspector  Grades 1 - 5Multiple1
Heat Transfer Simulation  Grade 5Science1
Heredity-Study Jams Scholastic  Grade 5Science1
How does a plant become a fossil?  Grade 5Science1
How to Use a Star Chart  Grade 5Science1
I've Got Issues  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Illustrating Endangered Animals  Grades 3 - 8Multiple1
Images of Life on Earth  Grade 4Science1
Instructor Web- Climates of the World Activity  Grades 4 - 12Science1
Instructor Web- What is Weather?  Grades 4 - 5Multiple1
Interactive Cell Structure  Grades 4 - 5Science1
Interactive Roller Coaster Simulation  Grade 5Science1
Inventory of My Traits  Grades 5 - 7Science1
Investigating Kinetic and Potential Energy  Grades 9 - 12Science1
Land on the Run  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Learn Genetics- Heredity and Traits  Grade 5Science1
Learn Genetics- Inside a Cell  Grades 1 - 5Multiple1
Magnifier Walk  Grade 1Science2
Make a Hand Lens  Grade 1Science1
National Geographic Animal Videos  Grade 5Science1
National Geographic Weather and Climate  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
National Geographic- Hurricane 101  Grades 5 - 12Science1
National Geographic- Inside of a Tornado  Grades 5 - 8Science1
Naturally Disastrous  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Photosynthesis Animation  Grade 5Science1
Photosynthesis Interactive Learning  Grade 5Multiple1
Photosynthesis- Study Jams Scholastic  Grades 5 - 7Multiple1
Plant and Animal Cell PowerPoint Game  Grade 4Multiple1
Plants and Animals in a Local Environment  Grade 1Science1
Potential and Kinetic Energy Lesson  Grades 4 - 5Science1
Rain Shadow Effect  Grade 5Science1
Rain Shadow Media  Grade 5Science1
Scale of Solar System  Grade 5Science1
Scholastic Weather Watch  Grades 4 - 6Science1
Science NetLinks Endangered Animals  Grade 4Science1
Science Spot- Genetics With a Smile  Grade 5Science1
Sea and Land Breeze Media  Grade 5Science1
Smoky Mountains Nature and Science  Grade 5Science1
Study Jams Scholastic Population Growth  Grade 4Science1
Teach Genetics- Introduction to Heredity  Grade 5Science1
Tennessee's Watchable Wildlife  Grade 5Science1
The Atmosphere  Grade 5Science1
The Earth is a Changin'  Grades 3 - 5Science1
The Great Gravity Escape  Grades 6 - 8Science1
The Outer Planets  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Tornado  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Tracking the Wild Ones  Grades 3 - 8Mathematics1
Tsunami Attack  Grades 3 - 5Science1
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  Grade 4Science1
Utah Education Network  Grade 4Science1
Volcanic Panic  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Water, Water, Everywhere  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Weather and Climate-Study Jams Scholastic  Grade 5Science1
Weathering and Erosion Card Sort  Grade 4Science1
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition-AAAS Science Assessment  Grade 4Science1
Weathering-National Geographic  Grade 4Science1
Weathering/Erosion-Study Jams Scholastic  Grade 4Science1
What are Endangered Species?  Grade 4Science1
What are the 4 steps to analyzing fossils?  Grade 5Science1
What Goes Up Must Come Down  Grades 5 - 6Science1
What is deforestation?  Grade 4Science1
What's Hot and What's Not?  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Youtube Animal Survival  Grade 5Science1