Kay Jordan

Double Tree; Memphis
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Air takes up space  Grade 2Science1
Animal Adaptations PowerPoints  Grade 3Science1
Animal and Plant Adaptations  Grade 3Science1
Animal body coverings  Grades K - 5Science1
Animals and Their Babies  Grade 2Science1
Biome in a Baggie  Grades 2 - 4Science1
Bird Beaks  Grade 4Science1
Build a Better Pencil  Grades K - 2Science1
Changing states of matter  Grade 2Science1
Chesapeake Bay 101  Grade 2Science1
Clouds and Weather  Grade 3Science1
Disappearing Water  Grades K - 2Science1
Does air take up space?  Grade 2Science1
Don't Touch It!  Grades K - 2Science1
Every living thing has a life cycle!  Grades K - 5Science1
Eye on the Sky  Grades 2 - 8Multiple1
Food chains  Grade 2Science1
Fossils are Like Photographs from the Past!  Grade 2Science1
Fun With the Sun - Teacher's activity guide for elementary grades K-2  Grade 2Science1
Habitats of animals and plants around me  Grades K - 2Science1
It's Gravity!  Grade 2Science1
Let it roll!  Grades K - 2Science1
Life cycle of mosquitos  Grades 2 - 3Multiple1
Life has a history  Grade 2Science1
Look at the Moon!  Grade 2Science1
Lunar cycle  Grades K - 2Science1
Magnify it!  Grades K - 2Science1
Match that habitat!  Grades 1 - 2Multiple1
Melting and Freezing  Grades K - 2Science1
Natural Resources  Grade 2Science1
Plant and Animal Habitats  Grade 2Science1
Ramp Builder  Grades K - 2Science1
Rock Hunters  Grades K - 2Science1
Sun Song  Grades 2 - 4Multiple1
The circle of life  Grade 2Science1
The Sun Is My Favorite Star!  Grade 2Science1
The Warmth of the Sun  Grades K - 2Science1
Tracking the Sun  Grade 2Science1
Watch and Rap: Changing states of matter  Grade 2Science1
Weather and seasons song  Grades 2 - 4Multiple1
Weather, temperature, and clothing  Grades K - 2Multiple1
What makes a rock useful?  Grade 4Science1
What's the Season?  Grades K - 2Science1
Where do you get all that energy?  Grade 3Science1
Where's the Sun?  Grade 2Science1
Which Tool?  Grade 2Science1