Lindsay Talarico

Collierville Middle School; Shelby County
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 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Animation for AST210H: Kepler's Laws  Grades 5 - 8Multiple1
Atmospheric Gases  Grades K - 8Multiple1
Bonding Basics 2010 Teacher Information & Student Worksheets  Grades 3 - 8Science1
Chemical and Physical Change Notes  Grade 8Science1
Chemical and Physical Changes  Grade 8Science1
Chemical Bonding Animations  Grades 4 - 8Multiple1
Chemical Elements and Their Symbols  Grade 8Science1
Chemicals in Earth's Atmosphere  Grade 8Science1
Chromatography  Grades 2 - 8Science1
Classification of Matter Activity  Grade 8Science1
Coaster Kinetic Energy  Grade 6Science1
Compounds  Grade 8Science1
Electrical Circuits  Grades 5 - 6Multiple1
Electricity - Free Presentations  Grades 5 - 6Multiple1
Electrolysis  Grades 5 - 8Multiple1
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures  Grade 8Science1
Engineering: Simple Machines  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Forgotten Genius  Grade 8Science1
Forms of Potential Energy  Grade 6Science1
Gravitational Potential Energy Applet  Grades 6 - 7Multiple1
Great Gravity  Grade 8Science1
Hot Wheelin' Physics  Grades 2 - 7Science1
Kepler's Laws Demonstrations  Grades 5 - 8Multiple1
Kinetic and Potential Energy of Motion  Grades 7 - 9Multiple1
Make a Compound from Two Elements  Grades 3 - 8Science1
Messing With Mixtures  Grade 8Science1
Peanut Power  Grade 6Science1
Physics4Kids: Motion Basics  Grades 2 - 7Multiple1
Planetary Motion  Grades 8 - 12Science1
Potential Energy Activities 1  Grade 6Science1
Properties of Matter Think Tac Toe  Grade 8Science1
Simple and Complex Machines  Grade 7Science1
Simple Machine Interactive Quiz  Grade 7Science1
Simple Machines  Grade 7Science1
Song: Kinetic and Potential Energy  Grade 6Science1
Speed and Velocity Activities for Middle School Students  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Speed Challenge  Grades 1 - 7Science1
The Atmosphere  Grade 8Science1
The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits  Grades 5 - 6Multiple1
Types of Potential Energy  Grade 6Multiple1
What is a Chemical Reaction?  Grade 8Science1
Why Do Mass and Distance Affect Gravity?  Grades 4 - 8Multiple1
Your Weight on Other Worlds  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1