Julie Scudder

GBE; Sumner County
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Adventures in Nonfiction  Grades K - 2ELA / Literacy1
Alphabet Books and Children Who Read Them  Grades K - 7ELA / Literacy1
Building a Matrix for Leo Lionni Books: An Author Study  Grades K - 2ELA / Literacy1
Clifford Activities  Grades 1 - 12Multiple1
Compare and Contrast  KindergartenELA / Literacy1
Cowboys and Castles: Interacting With Fractured Texas Tales  Grades K - 1ELA / Literacy1
English Language Arts Practice Games  Grades K - 5ELA / Literacy1
Exploring Compare and Contrast Structure in Expository Texts  Grades 3 - 5ELA / Literacy1
Fact and Opinion First Grade Unit  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Family Journals  Grades K - 2ELA / Literacy1
Figure Words Out Song  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Five Senses Descriptive Writing  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
How to ...  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Identifying Compare and Contrast Key Words  Grade 2ELA / Literacy1
Identifying Information in Nonfiction  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Informational Text  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Interactive Reading Comprehension  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Landmarks - Reading Comprehension  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Main Idea 1st Grade Unit  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Main Idea-The Great Kapok Tree  Grades 1 - 3ELA / Literacy1
Mammals Research for Primary Grades  Grades K - 5Science1
OREO - Persuasive Writing  Grades 1 - 2ELA / Literacy1
Persuasive Writing  Grades 1 - 2ELA / Literacy1
Point of View  Grade 4ELA / Literacy1
Rags to Riches- Cinderella and Beyond  Grades 3 - 4ELA / Literacy1
Reading Informational Text Using 3-2-1 Strategy  Grades K - 1ELA / Literacy1
Sequence Sentences ...And Make Your Favorite Sandwich  Grades 1 - 3ELA / Literacy1
Snazzy Snails  Grades 1 - 5Multiple1
Sports-Reading Comprehension  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Story Starters  Grades K - 8ELA / Literacy1
String Story Necklaces  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
Teaching Point of View with Two Bad Ants  Grades 3 - 5ELA / Literacy1
Text Feature Song  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1
The Three Little Pigs Unit Plan  Grades K - 2ELA / Literacy1
Using Initial Sounds and Picture Cues to Read Unknown Words  KindergartenELA / Literacy1
Vocabulary in Context  Grade 3ELA / Literacy1
Words Commonly Confused  Grade 5ELA / Literacy1
Writing A Small Moment Narrative  Grade 1ELA / Literacy1