Joanna Small

Lexington Middle School; Lexington
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 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
A Metric World - Lesson Plan for teaching the Metric System  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Algebraic Expressions Review Lesson  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
AlgeCaching Activity - Finding your way around the Graphing Calculator  Grade 8Mathematics1
Algecaching with Pre-Algebra  Grade 8Mathematics1
Artitects in Action - Lesson Plan for Scale and Ratio  Grades 6 - 8Mathematics1
Calculating Rates - Quick Review  Grade 8Mathematics1
Classifying Real Numbers Game  Grade 8Mathematics1
Converting between Metric and English systems - Quick Review  Grades K - 8Multiple1
Cross Sections Lesson and Interactive Demonstration  Grade 8Mathematics1
Crossword Puzzle Using Math Vocabulary  Grades K - 8Mathematics1
Distance, Rate, and Time: Lesson and Practice  Grade 8Mathematics1
English System of Measurement - Quick Review  Grade 8Mathematics1
Exploring Bias and Exaggeration in News and Magazine Articles  Grade 8Mathematics1
Fibonacci Sequence  Grades 9 - 12Mathematics1
Finding slope and using slope to compare sets of data  Grade 8Mathematics1
Formative Assessment on Finding Slope  Grade 8Mathematics1
Fun Quizzes for Statistics and Probability  Grades 4 - 8Mathematics1
Graphing a set of data to determine the line of best fit using a graphing calculator  Grade 8Mathematics1
In a Heartbeat Activity - Lesson Plan  Grade 8Mathematics1
Interpreting Graphs - Examples for Types of Graphs  Grade 8Mathematics1
Interpreting Graphs online Assessment  Grade 8Mathematics1
Interpreting Graphs Worksheet  Grade 8Mathematics1
Laws of Exponents  Grade 8Mathematics1
Lesson Quiz online for Scatterplots and Predictions  Grade 8Mathematics1
Line of Best Fit Explaination and Example  Grade 8Mathematics1
Linear Regression and Correlation  Grade 8Mathematics1
Linear vs Nonlinear Worksheet  Grade 8Mathematics1
Linear vs Nonlinear Worksheet #2  Grade 8Mathematics1
Linear vs Nonlinear Worksheet #3  Grade 8Mathematics1
Making a Scatterplot - Instructional Video  Grade 8Mathematics1
Making your own graph  Grade 8Mathematics1
Metric/English Conversions and Rates  Grade 8Mathematics1
More practice with Rational and Irrational Numbers  Grades K - 8Mathematics1
Parallel Lines - Lesson Plan  Grades 4 - 8Mathematics1
Parallel Lines and Angles - Video Lesson  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Parallel Lines and Angles - Video Lesson Plan (advanced)  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Parallel Lines and Pairs of Angles Interactive Lesson  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Practice with Rational and Irrational Numbers  Grades K - 8Mathematics1
Practice with the Pythagorean Theorem in Contextual Problems  Grade 8Mathematics1
Practing Making a Scatterplot- Multiple Choice Assessment  Grade 8Mathematics1
Pythagoras Theorem  Grade 8Mathematics1
Rational and Irrational Numbers  Grade 8Mathematics1
Scatterplots Real-World Practice- Predicting the Future  Grade 8Mathematics1
The Pythagorean Theorem  Grade 8Mathematics1
The Pythagorean Theorem - Video Lesson  Grades 6 - 8Multiple1
Using Scatterplots and Trend Lines to Make Predictions  Grade 8Mathematics1
Video on creating scatterplots  Grade 8Mathematics1
Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Algebraic Expressions  Grade 8Mathematics1