Partnerships in writing strategies

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 9:30am (75 minutes)
Ezell 301

Big Transfer Goals: Writing like Real Writers

Writing is an important literacy skill for mathematical proficiency. In this session, presenters will share their collaborative effort to implement writing in the middle school math classroom. The team will share their experience as they analyzed student work samples, provided peer feedback, and shared ideas. The presenters will actively engage participants through modeling of writing strategies. Leave with a variety of resources to support creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking in the 21st century classroom.

Implementing Writing in the Middle School Math Classroom

In this interactive session, the goal is to explore answers to essential questions with participants as they think meta-cognitively about their own identities as writers and how we can help our students to develop their own writing identities. We will describe the results of our yearlong study as Lipscomb Academy and Lipscomb University partnered and worked with teachers in an elementary school and with first year teachers in K-12 classrooms.

Session presenters

Suzanne Howell
Lipscomb Academy
Marlene Butler
Lipscomb Academy
Assistant Professor/Lead Faculty of Instructional Coaching — Lipscomb University
Ally Hauptman
Lipscomb University, College of Education
Jonathan Sheahen
Lipscomb Academy Elementary
Assistant Professor — Lipscomb University, College of Education
Jennifer Clay
Lipscomb Academy
5th grade Math Teacher — Lipscomb Academy
8th grade Math Teacher — Lipscomb Academy
7th grade Math Teacher — Lipscomb Academy

Session materials

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