Embracing Diversity to Promote Positive and Effective Learning Environments, both online and in-person

Date / time:
Saturday, October 30, 2021 - 11:00am (30 minutes)
Ezell 136

In the ever-evolving ethnic and cultural landscapes of the United States, K-12 education must prioritize the importance of adaptable and effective behavior when interacting within different cultural environments. Teachers have a critical role in dismantling and disrupting systemic barriers that hinder students from achieving. For all students to attain their fullest academic potential, it is imperative that teachers and school leaders are global-minded and intentional in employing culturally relevant pedagogy that meets the learning needs of all students. In addition, this shift in mindset will help students to accept differences in others and become more tolerable.

Session presenters

Associate Dean of Assessment & Equity and Assistant Professor in Eriksson College of Education — Austin Peay State University

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