Histograms and Bar Graphs Lesson Plan

This resource is a complete lesson plan on teaching histograms and bar graphs.  There are several downloadable worksheets and differentiated instruction notes.This resource is addressing the learning expectation because it addresses all of the elements in a lesson plan and specific activities to use with the lesson plan. There are several worksheets to complete.

Standards & Objectives

Learning objectives: 

Upon completion of this lesson, students will:

  • have been introduced to histograms and bar graphs
  • have understood the difference between bar graphs and histograms
  • have seen examples of how data can be represented in a variety of graphical forms

Lesson Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: 
Differentiation suggestions: 

This lesson can be rearranged in several ways:

  • Instead of initiating class discussions, have the students read the discussions independently, and then see how well they understood by having them complete the sample problems worksheets that accompany each discussion.
  • For further investigation into the representation of data, and to practice working with fractions and decimals, students can work with Sample Problems on Data Abuse.

Helpful Hints

Teacher Preparation:

  • Access to a browser
  • Pencil and Paper
  • Copies of supplemental materials for the activities:
  • Histogram Worksheet
  • Scales and Impressions Worksheet
  • Sample problems for bar graph scales
  • Sample problems on bar graph class intervals
  • Sample Problems on Comparing Histograms and Bar Graphs