Learning Through Presentations. Author: Jeff Utecht

This lesson plan can be utilized in all subjects, but is favorable to English/Language Arts classrooms.  This lesson focuses on multimedia presentations utilizing the PechaKucha 20x20 format, a presentation model that uses pictures only to tell a story. This story can be any scientific, historical,literary, or personal story.  Students choose an area of research based on a thematic unit or novel study; this particular lesson uses To Kill a Mockingbird, but any novel will lend itself to this exercise. In this presentation format, students tell a story using pictures only.  This encourages in-depth content knowledge, public speaking skills, and research skills. Because students are not simply "reading off the slide," this lesson promotes sequencing, critical thinking, and creation.

Standards & Objectives

Essential and guiding questions: 

Questions on the rubric. Answered on a 1 – 5 scale of 1 = Stongly Disagree to 5 = Strongly Agree

  • The presenter has answered the ‘so what’ factor effectively
  • The presenter has a clear thesis statement
  • Vocal features (tone, pace, volume) are present
  • The presenter has used visual images symbolically and has linked them clearly to the thesis statement
  • The presenter has utilized eye contact and not referred to notes
  • The presenter has provided a handout with sources and a Works Cited page
  • The presenter has shown creativity in their use of Pecha Kucha (15×20 – 5 mins)
  • The presenter – answered questions from the audience with confidence
  • Comments to the Presenter

Lesson Variations

Blooms taxonomy level: