Bioengineering: Create an animal

This is a link to a database of lesson plans.  This particular lesson deals with animal adaptations, but not with animals that currently, or have ever, live on our planet.  The lesson is to create an animal that could live on a planet that the student created.  The fictional environments are provided within the lesson. The lesson plan could be used as an assessment or as a stand alone activity.  All the information needed to perform the activity is included in the lesson plan.  The activity can be adapted for younger students or high school age students.  

Standards & Objectives

Academic standards
CLE 3210.5.1
Associate structural, functional, and behavioral adaptations with the ability of organisms to survive under various environmental conditions.
GLE 0507.5.1
Investigate physical characteristics associated with different groups of animals.
GLE 0807.5.3
Analyze how structural, behavioral, and physiological adaptations affect an organisms ability to survive in a particular environment.
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Lesson Variations

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