Jennifer Hassell

Halls; Knox County
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AAAS Science Assessment - Plate Techtonics  Grade 5Science1
An Introduction to the forms of heat transfer  Grade 6Science1
Animal Adaptaptions  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Antarctic Food Chain  Grades 2 - 4Science1
Astronomy for Kids  Grades 5 - 7Multiple1
Avoiding Teaching Misconceptions  Grades 1 - 7Science1
Best of the Solar System  Grades 5 - 8Science1
Bing! Bang! Boom!  Grade 6Science1
Bioengineering: Create an animal  Grades 5 - 8Science1
Bird beak and feet adaptations  Grades 2 - 5Science1
Birds will be Birds  Grade 4Science1
Build Your Wild Self  Grades K - 5Science1
Cell Model  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Cell organelles online assessment  Grade 5Science1
Cell Parts Spreadsheet  Grades 1 - 5Multiple1
Cell Scale Size  Grades 2 - 5Multiple1
Cells Alive  Grades 1 - 5Multiple1
Cells-Who wants to be a millionaire?  Grades 5 - 7Science1
Convection, Conduction, and Radiation  Grade 6Science1
Cool Card Water Cycle  Grade 4Science1
Designing a Doorbell  Grades 4 - 6Science1
Differences between Weathering and Erosion  Grades K - 2Science1
Dirtmeister: Animal Adaptations- How to do a report  Grades 2 - 3Multiple1
Electrical Circuits  Grade 4Science1
Everything has parts  Grades K - 1Science1
Experimenting with a food web  Grades 2 - 5Science1
Fast Plants  Grades 3 - 4Science1
Fossil molds and casts  Grade 4Science1
Heat Transfer Background Knowledge  Grade 5Science1
Heat Transfer Review  Grade 5Science1
How to use a Star Chart  Grade 5Science1
How To: Star charts  Grade 5Science1
Illuminating Photosynthesis  Grades 4 - 7Science1
Inherited traits  Grades 2 - 5Science1
Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors Charades  Grades 5 - 8Science1
Injecting Inquiry  Grade 7Science1
Instructional strategy: Concept Cartoon  Grades K - 6Science1
Interactive Water cycle diagram  Grade 4Science1
Landforms in a Tub  Grade 4Science1
Lesson Snips  Grade 4Science1
Life Cycle Webquest  Grade 4Science1
Look, Draw, Look, Draw Walk  Grades K - 3Science1
Magnify It  Grades K - 2Science1
Make a Volcano  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Make your own Magnetic Field View finder  Grades 1 - 8Science1
Making Thunderstorms  Grades 4 - 6Science1
Me and My Family  Grades 2 - 5Science1
Monterey Institute  Grade 5Science1
My Sparkle Box: The Water Cycle  Grade 4Science1
NASA: weather and climate  Grade 4Multiple1
Natural Forces  Grades 5 - 7Science1
Observe animations of processes that occur along plate boundaries  Grade 5Science1
Orbits of the Planets  Grades 5 - 7Multiple1
Organelle Writing activity  Grades 4 - 5Multiple1
PBS Teachers: Interactive Water Cycle  Grade 4Science1
Permineralization: making a fossil  Grade 4Science1
Planet Characteristic Chart  Grade 5Science1
Plants and Light  Grades 1 - 4Science1
Recent Earthquakes  Grades 5 - 7Science1
Safe Water Cycle  Grades 4 - 5Multiple1
Silly Science Classification  Grade 8Science1
Simple Circuits  Grade 4Science1
Sky Heroes  Grade 5Science1
Solar System Trading Card Game  Grades 3 - 6Multiple1
Star Child Tic-Tac-Toe  Grades 5 - 9Multiple1
Surprising Carnivores  Grades 2 - 4Science1
TCAP test sampler  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
TED: Pollination  Grade 4Science1
The Food Chains Card Game  Grades 2 - 5Science1
The Mummy's Tomb-Raceway  Grades 3 - 8Science1
The Science Spot: Plate Tectonics-Pick a Project  Grade 5Science1
The Science Spot: Rock and Roll Houses  Grade 5Science1
Transfer of heat energy: bitesize conduction and convection  Grade 5Science1
Travels of Electricity  Grades 3 - 5Science2
Uncovering Student Ideas in Life Science  Grades 1 - 7Science1
USGS: Water cycle Diagram  Grade 4Science1
Utah Education Network  Grade 5Science1
Video: Kid Circuit  Grades 4 - 6Science1
Video: Lemon Battery  Grade 6Science1
Video: Steadiness Tester  Grades 4 - 6Science1
Was Goldilocks telling the truth?  Grade 6Science1
Water cycle Preassessment  Grade 4Science1
Welcome to the Planets  Grades 5 - 7Multiple1
What Attracts?  Grades 2 - 3Science1
Wildlife Zone  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
Worldwide Map of Earthquakes  Grades 5 - 7Science1
Writing prompt: Careers and Weather  Grade 4Science1
Youtube: Cell Rap  Grades 3 - 5Multiple1