Angela Collins

Sharps Chapel Elementary; Union County
Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
A Meter of Candy  Grades 3 - 5Mathematics1
Base 10 Pictures with Decimals  Grade 5Mathematics1
Building a Box  Grades 3 - 8Mathematics1
Chairs Applet - Spaghetti and Meatballs for All  Grades 3 - 5Mathematics1
Coin Box  Grades K - 3Mathematics1
Decimal Cross Number Puzzles  Grade 5Mathematics1
Division with Two-Digit Divisors  Grade 5Mathematics1
Dynamic Paper  Grades 1 - 5Mathematics1
Equivalent Fraction Finder  Grades 3 - 5Mathematics1
Expanded Form Made Simple  Grades 3 - 5Mathematics1
Exploring Krypto  Grade 3Mathematics1
Factor Finders  Grade 4Mathematics1
Fraction Game  Grades 4 - 6Mathematics1
Fraction Models  Grades 3 - 4Mathematics1
Fun with Fractions  Grades K - 2Mathematics1
Help with Order of Operations  Grades 5 - 7Mathematics1
How Do You Organize the Counties in Your State?  Grades K - 2Mathematics1
How Tall, How Short, How Faraway by David A. Adler  Grades 4 - 5Mathematics1
Interactive: Elapsed Time  Grades 3 - 4Multiple1
Interpreting Remainders Practice  Grade 5Mathematics1
Isometric Drawing Tool  Grades 3 - 5Mathematics1
Math Journals  Grade 3Mathematics1
Multiply and Conquer  Grade 4Mathematics1
Order of Operations Pre-Test/Tutorial  Grades 5 - 8Mathematics1
Platonic Solids  Grades 4 - 5Multiple1
Printable Pentominoes  Grades 3 - 5Multiple1
Sieve of Eratosthenes  Grade 5Mathematics1
Soccer Shootout!  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
The Product Game  Grade 3Mathematics1
Transformations  Grade 4Mathematics1
Volume Song  Grades 5 - 6Mathematics1