Rhilda Gastineau

Allardt; Fentress County
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 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
A Day at the Races  Grade 4Science1
A Science Lesson on Magnets  Grade 3Science1
Abiotic and Biotic Features  Grade 6Science1
Animal Adaptations: Focus on Bird Beaks  Grade 6Science1
AS A MATTER OF FACT!  Grade 4Science1
Biomes Now and When  Grades 4 - 6Science1
Biomes Video  Grade 6Science1
Biotic vs Abiotic  Grade 6Science1
Blubber Glove for Adaptations  Grades 3 - 8Multiple1
Body Organ Poster  Grade 7Science1
Body System Interactive Game  Grade 7Science1
Body Systems Flashcards  Grade 7Multiple1
Bubble Gum Physics  Grade 5Science1
Build a Beast Animal Adaptations  Grades 5 - 8Science1
Cells to System  Grades 4 - 7Science1
Earth's Magnetic Field  Grade 8Science1
Electro-magnet  Grade 8Science1
Endangered Animals of the Americas  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Flower Arrangements Video  Grades K - 12Multiple1
Forces in Action  Grade 5Science1
Life Processes  Grade 6Science1
Magnetic Lines of Force  Grade 8Science1
NOVA Magnetic Storm  Grade 8Science1
Nowhere to Hide  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Parts of A Flower  Grade 7Science1
Photosynthesis  Grades 5 - 12Multiple1
Reproduction PowerPoint  Grades 3 - 12Multiple1
The Falling Dominoes  Grade 2Science1