Josephine Appleby

Pre-K Professional Learning Program Director
Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation

Josephine Appleby is the Pre-K Professional Learning Program Director for The Ayers Institute at Lipscomb University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in early childhood education from Clemson University and an Master of Education degree in technology integration from Lipscomb University.  Before coming to Lipscomb, Josephine was a Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher in MNPS for 5 years and a 2014 Teach for America corps member. Josephine enjoys traveling, Clemson football, and yoga.

Items from this eduTOOLBOX contributor:
 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Beginning of the Year Student Information Sheet  Grades PK - 12
Blubber Mitt Science Lesson Plan  Grades PK - 1Science1
Book Discussion Guide - "Peter's Chair"  Grades PK - 1ELA / Literacy1
Book Discussion Guide Planning Tool  Grades PK - 3ELA / Literacy2
Book Discussion Guide- "Peter's Chair"  Grades PK - 3ELA / Literacy2
Center Signs for Early Childhood Environment  Grades PK - K1
Classroom Volunteer Form  Grades PK - K1
Cooking in the Classroom  Grades PK - K1
Developmentally Appropriate Daily Schedule  Grades PK - 11
Family Conference Sign Up and Pre-Conference Questions  Grades PK - 21
Ghost Guts Science Lesson Plan  Grades PK - KScience1
Independent Reading Reflection Graphic Organizer  Grades PK - KELA / Literacy1
Individual Behavior Tracker  Grades PK - 11
Inflate a Balloon Science Lesson Plan  Grades PK - 1Science1
Interactive Read Aloud Vocabulary Planning Tool  Grades PK - 3ELA / Literacy1
Name/Word Building Powerpoint for Virtual Learning  Grades PK - 1ELA / Literacy1
Numbers 0-10 Counting/Identifying Math Assessment for Virtual Learning  Grades PK - KMathematics3
Partner Talk in Early Childhood  Grades PK - 11
Rhyming Game/Assessment/Lesson Plan for Virtual Learning  Grades PK - KELA / Literacy1
Small Group Math Lesson Plan - Decomposing Towers  Grades PK - KMathematics1
Small Group Phonics - Alphabet Book Writing  Grades PK - KELA / Literacy1
Small Group Writing Lesson Plan: Not a Box  Grades PK - 1ELA / Literacy1
Static Electricity Lesson Plan  Grades PK - KScience1
Take-Home Reading Reflection  Grades PK - 1ELA / Literacy1
Vocabulary Planning for Repeated Read Aloud Tool  Grades PK - 3ELA / Literacy1
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