Virginia Cooter

Baileyton; Greene County
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 Item titleGrade rangeContent area
Actual Phases of Moon  Grade 6Science1
Amusement Park Physics  Grades 5 - 7Science1
Anchors Away  Grade 5Science1
Animal Life Cycles  Grade 4Science1
Atmospheric Processes - Convection  Grade 6Science1
Atmospheric Processes - Radiation  Grades 5 - 9Science1
Aviation Weather  Grade 6Science1
Carbon - Carbon Cycle PowerPoint  Grades 7 - 9Multiple1
Constructing Sonoran Desert Food Chains and Food Webs  Grade 6Science1
Cookie Mining  Grades 4 - 12Science1
Cool Views  Grades 3 - 5Science1
Create A Graph  Grades 3 - 8Science1
Design Your Own Rube Goldberg Machine  Grades 6 - 8Science1
Dichotomous Key Lab  Grade 8Science1
Dichotomous Keying  Grade 8Science1
Drawings of Atmoshperic Conditions  Grade 6Science1
Electromagnets  Grade 8Science1
Energy Conversions  Grade 6Science1
Engineering Design Process  Grade 8Science1
Experiments with Electromagnets  Grade 8Science1
Flashcards: Moon & Earth Match-Up  Grade 6Science1
Gather Weather Data  Grade 6Science1
How can I balance an equation?  Grade 8Science1
How Can the Little Moon Hide the Giant Sun?  Grade 6Science1
How do I make an electromagnet?  Grade 8Science1
Introduction to the Atmosphere  Grade 6Science1
Let's Learn About Insects: A Science Lesson Plan  Grade 4Science1
Lunar Cycle Challenge  Grade 6Science1
Make a Dichotomous Key: Classroom Activity  Grade 8Science1
Mineral Identification Quiz  Grade 7Science1
Mint-Mobiles  Grade 6Science1
Modeling Moon Phases  Grades 2 - 6Science1
Moon Phases Challenge  Grades 2 - 6Multiple1
Our Solar System Lithograph Set  Grade 6Science1
Oxygen - Carbon Dioxide Cycle  Grade 7Multiple1
Phases of the Moon  Grades 3 - 5Science1
PowerPoint Renewable & Nonrenewable  Grade 7Science1
Precipitation Type Applet  Grade 6Science1
Predicting the Weather  Grade 6Science1
Properties of Minerals  Grade 7Science1
Reading and Creating a Weather Map  Grade 6Science1
Relative Size of Planets and Stars  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources Graphic  Grade 7Science1
Resources: Weather measurements  Grades 1 - 6Multiple1
Rock Cycle Animation  Grades 2 - 7Multiple1
Rock Cycle Diagram  Grades 4 - 7Multiple1
Rock Cycle Experiment  Grade 7Science1
Rock Cycle Game  Grade 7Science1
Rock Cycle Quiz  Grades 3 - 7Multiple1
Rock Cycle Quiz  Grades 4 - 7Multiple1
Rock Cycle Review  Grade 7Science1
ROCKS AND LAYERS  Grade 8Science1
Science Tools  Grades 1 - 8Science1
Science Vocabulary Hangman  Grade 8Science1
Scientific Method  Grades 3 - 8Science1
Size and Distance of Planets  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
Standard 8- Atmosphere  Grade 4Science1
Table of physical properties to classify minerals  Grade 7Science1
The Benefits of Biodiversity  Grades 7 - 9Science1
The Earth's Magnetic Field  Grade 8Science1
The Good, the Bad and the Electromagnet  Grades 5 - 8Science1
The Life Cycle of a Frog: From Tadpole to Frog  Grade 4Science1
The Unintended Consequences of New Tech  Grade 6Science1
Vast Distance Between Planets  Grades 4 - 6Multiple1
Video Lunar Cycle  Grades 3 - 6Multiple1
Video of Rocks & Rock Cycle  Grade 7Science1
Wacky People Dichotomous Key  Grade 8Science1
Weather Flash Game  Grades K - 6Multiple1